D&I Spotlight of the Month | AIG HOSPITAL

  • The engagements, L&D activities and the Committees formed internally are cross functional in nature.
  • Senior Management hails from different regions- seven in all i.e. Telangana, AP, Orissa, Bihar, Punjab, UP and Kerala.
  • Gender variation with 51.7% female and 48.3% males; 1% specially abled people and regional balance:
  • Geographical units & linguistic zones-
  • AP / Telangana – 44%
  • North East/West Bengal – 21%
  • Western and Central India – 11%
  • Kerala/Karnataka/T.N. – 23%
  • Religion- Buddhism – 0.05%
  • Christianity – 23%
  • Hinduism  – 42%
  • Islam – 30%
  • Others   –  5%
  • Our patients come from across India: The North east, West Bengal and central part of the country, in addition to other areas. This makes our patient composition vividly visible. It is a business imperative for us to ensure that staff is drawn from different parts of the country in order to provide the socio-cultural support to patients especially those with language challenges.
  • Your leading DEI Initiative: (up to 800 words)  
  • An inclusive workplace culture is one in which everyone feels that they are an important part of the organisation.
  • The contribution of each and every individual matters.
  • Policies and practices are fair and diverse range of people are supported to work together effectively.
  • The four pillars of the diversity and inclusion strategy includes the Community, Growth, Education and Engagement.

AIG is an epitome of “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”. We embrace the specially abled employees with their persona and provide a suitable work environment. At AIG we celebrate occasions rather than festivals. On grounds of gender equity, women perform varied roles. All the events and cultural programs involve employees from varied traditional cultures and aesthetic backgrounds. Prayer halls cater to all religions.

Our vertically diversified leaders at various roles possess critical mind sets and have shaped behaviours based on self-awareness, curiosity, courage, vulnerability and empathy. We shape or roll out the events and programs to create awareness to celebrate the beauty of differences and uniqueness.

The major initiative of AIG is the talent acquisition process of our organisation. We have a policy in place that strictly prohibits the hiring of blood relations. The pool of talent is diverse and the employees are inculcated and adapted to the varied culture.

 Employee Testimonial for this initiative: (preferably by a diverse employee, up to 200 words)

 Employee-1:  Mr. Danish Ahmad- HR Department

As an HR business partner at AIG Hospitals, I am honoured to share our remarkable journey towards embracing diversity and inclusion. Our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment is not merely a strategy; it is a core value etched into our organization.

In an era where many organizations talk about diversity, AIG Hospitals walks the talk. Our gender-balanced leadership team equality, ensuring women have an equal seat at the table. We vehemently oppose racism, bigotry, and discrimination, fostering a workplace where every race is celebrated and cherished.

We take immense pride in being an inclusive employer for specially-abled individuals. From adaptive technologies to accessible facilities, we empower all employees to thrive. Our workforce hails from every corner of the country, representing diverse cultures and languages. This mosaic of backgrounds enriches our collective experience.

At AIG Hospitals, we don’t just provide equal opportunities; we actively seek them. We believe that diversity fuels innovation and fosters empathy, leading to exceptional patient care. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is not a mere submission for an award; it’s a pledge to continually raise the bar and set an example for the healthcare industry worldwide. AIG Hospitals is more than a world-renowned hospital; it’s a beacon of hope, equality, and unity in healthcare.

Employee-2: Ms. Vibha Kakde – Operations

In my opinion, diversity and inclusion plays a vital role at work place and in the society.

Diversity at the workplace brings people from different backgrounds, characteristics and more.

Having different perspectives is significant which is observed when individuals from diverse backgrounds work together.

It brings wide range of differences such as race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, cultural backgrounds, language, socio economic status and more. Diversity, at large promotes a richer, more equitable and innovative society and workplace.

On the other hand, inclusion creates an environment which is favorable for people from different backgrounds to work collectively.

It creates a value and identity for every individual and promotes a sense of belonging. Every person’s attributes are recognized as strengths and where discrimination, bias and any such issues are identified actively by the organizations and societies and are eliminated accordingly.

Put together, diversity and inclusions are essential to facilitate a productive environment at workplace which leads to better business outcomes.

AIG prioritises these two aspects to experience improved individual mindset at workplaces which leads to creativity, incredible team work and more.

Employee-3: Mr. Santosh – Clinical pharmacy

“I am happy to mention that as an employee at AIG Hospitals in Hyderabad, we are committed to diversity and inclusion, which exactly reflects the objectives of the India Diversity Forum (IDF).

AIG Hospitals, which employs about 3500 people, is notable for its unwavering commitment to discrimination-free employment that transcends gender and geographic barriers. Talent knows no limits, and we passionately believe that everyone deserves an equal chance.

In addition to actively empowering women inside our firm, we are committed to gender equality. In order to recognize the vital efforts of our female co-workers, we celebrate International Women’s Day. Additionally, we’ve created an Internal Complaints Committee to provide a secure forum for women.

AIG Hospitals takes diversity a step further by allowing people with physical limitations to work for us. Regardless of physical limitations, we think that everyone contributes valuable talents and viewpoints to our team, enhancing our workplace and promoting a more inclusive society.

Our commitment to eradicating discrimination based on gender, region, language, religion, caste, class, occupation, background, disability, race, age, or sexual orientation is a clear evidence of our connection with IDF’s purpose.

Through specialized training programs, including leadership positions, we actively encourage cross functional involvement and respect for all genders.

AIG Hospitals essentially represent the values of equity and inclusivity.

Employee-4: Eshita Chanda – Nursing

India is a unique nation in the world which portrays the best examples of diversity with 28 states and 8 union territories and about 1500 + dialects that are spoken among the Indian population. Being nurtured in such a diversified country, we have inherited this culture even at our workplace. AIG Hospitals, Gachibowli is one such strong pillar of Indian healthcare, where we receive most of our patients from the Eastern & North eastern region of India & international patients across the globe.

My experience working in AIG Hospitals has always been an experiential learning. Our Nursing Leadership team makes all their efforts to employ a broad cross section of nurses from different demographics, ethnics, religions, professional background etc. This helps us to draw wide talent pool, leading to innovations in patient care, brings new perspectives in problem solving. The multi ethnicity of nurses directly affects patient experience as AIG patient population is also from all corners of India & language barrier is a hurdle that’s helped by diverse nurses.

In modern era, patient care is diversified globally & healthcare team strives to meet the needs of the patients effectively. AIG has provided me equal opportunities to prove my capabilities in all fields & not limited only to trainings, wages, leaves etc. Working in such a reputed organization, makes me feel like a beautiful bouquet with different colours of flowers tied with a strong thread of unity.

  • Impact Statement: (up to 200 words)

At AIG Hospitals, we proudly stand as a beacon of excellence in healthcare, driven by our unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion. Our journey towards fostering an inclusive workplace has not only transformed our organization but has also redefined the standards of healthcare leadership.

Diversity is not just a buzzword for us; it’s ingrained in our DNA. We recognize that our patients come from diverse backgrounds, and to deliver the best care, we must reflect that diversity within our workforce. This principle has guided our recruitment and retention efforts, resulting in a team that brings together a rich tapestry of cultures, perspectives, and experiences. Our diverse workforce enables us to better understand and meet the unique needs of our patients, fostering a sense of belonging for all who seek our care.

Diversity in the workplace develops new thoughts and gives place for varied ideology, on the other hand inclusion makes a safe and comfortable workplace. Our organisation is a great source of secular system. The organisational culture and ethics help us confer our belief of delivering quality healthcare with passion and ethics. Our cross functional working environment has enabled us to achieve our value system of I- Intrinsic learning, N- Nurture, S- Self driven, P- Perfection, I- Integrity, R- Role Model and E- Empathy. Our Logo also includes grey colour depicting neutrality.

Inclusion is the cornerstone of our success. We’ve cultivated an environment where every employee feels valued and empowered to contribute their best. This inclusivity fuels innovation and collaboration, ultimately improving patient outcomes. Our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond our internal operations; striving to be a source of inspiration and a model for others in the healthcare industry.

AIG Hospitals’ journey towards diversity and inclusion has not only shaped us as a leader in healthcare but has also set a precedent for the industry. Our commitment to making healthcare accessible, equitable, and inclusive for all.

Your advice for organizations looking forward to working in this area: (key challenges, mistakes to avoid, what worked well for you, etc. brief answer up to 300 words)

As a vast enriched entity with different mindsets we at AIG encounter various challenges to achieve an inclusive organisational culture. We believe in delivering quality healthcare with passion and ethics. The problems we commonly come across and try to avoid are referral of relatives and friends where we conduct a due diligence of the hiring process and candidate pools.  To overcome language barriers, we have organised language sessions eg. Bangla training to doctors as most of our patients are Bengali natives. We at AIG have numerous internal committees which are composed of staff with varied ideology to ensure inclusive decision making.