Sep 30

Gender Neutral Restrooms

We are proud to have made Gender Neutral Restrooms a reality @Mphasis across India. We put the COVID 19 pandemic situation to real good use. While almost all our employees are working from home, we took the opportunity to make civil and minor structural changes to our facilities by creating... read more →
Sep 06

Is it difficult to be an ally: How can workplaces help?

The PRIDE month has just ended in June, and the entire global landscape is left buzzing with campaigns and programs that workplaces have initiated to support the PRIDE sentiment. I strongly feel that these initiatives and the buzz about PRIDE should not be short-lived for just the month that celebrates... read more →
Sep 01

Four crucial lessons to build inclusive workplaces for women

Today’s workplace has undergone a monumental change, with the pandemic playing a catalyst role in redefining how our work environment evolves. In a largely work-from-home format, the work roles have also undergone a sea change where women now have to manage personal and professional lives in a far more dynamic... read more →