D&I Spotlight of the Month | ECW

1.Valentine’s Day ( Campaigning Love has no labels and is for everyone)
2.Pride Month (June 2022)
Every year for Pride month we’ve had a bunch of awareness-oriented emails sent. The idea is to focus on workplace inclusivity and respect for everyone.
We usually begin the year by sharing what pride month represents and busting myths and stereotypes against the community. This is done to encourage a conversation within the employees.
We also conduct an activity within the team which is usually a reflective exercise that helps employees think and talk about possibilities of making our workplace more accommodating and empathetic to people around them.
We also conduct quizzes that ask questions on the history of Pride and encourage employees to dig a little deeper to find answers to questions.
The idea is to encourage conversations, create a space of mutual respect and thereby create an open culture.
3.Diversity month(Oct 2022) -Inclusive workplace was the theme

Today we are part of experience economy which is driven by Belief (Find) ,Become(Grow),Belong(Connect) .We need to unleash humane in human resources  as emotions are culturally universal !

DEI (Diversity ,Equity ,Inclusion) is not just limited to corporate but society at large. Corporate culture is the manifestation of the society we live. Thus embracing one another’s uniqueness and leveraging strengths to develop human capital system is crucial. DEI mindset is one “Where the mind is without any fear and head held high”.

Work is not just a place where you Go but what you Do. So driving talent transformation strategy with resilience and sustaining DEI practices needs to be business imperative. Diversity is now on the agenda of corporate boards and senior management leaders in ways unthinkable a decade ago. This attention has been influenced by several studies, activists, and government and regulatory bodies advocating the benefits of having a diverse leadership. Many organizations have already embarked on this journey of change — of advancing towards creating a more inclusive environment — but the pace of change is not fast enough.

Diversity needs to be driven from “Inclusion lens “. Inclusion is possible w.r.t 3 Rs when we Recognize, Respect and Reconcile differences .

  1. Be ready to embrace VUCA.The new way to look at “VUCA” world is Vision, Understanding, Clarity, Agility. 
  2. Focus your goal of mutual acceptance, respect and tolerance.
  3. Self awareness and reflective exercises worked best with our set of employees
  4. Involve the community to talk about themselves and their challenges. e.g. Cisgender people shouldn’t be the only ones talking about the Trans community and vice versa.
  5. Don’t be afraid to get ideas from employees.Build strong Allyship network.
  6. Always keep an open mind and lead with empathy.