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Hiring is an important stage in any employees’ life and we take utmost care for the experience we want to give to all the candidates from the first call with “Hello” from Ingram micro. 

  • Sensitization
    1. All hiring managers go through a mandatory training which covers the cultural sensitivity and importance of unbiased selection process before conducting any

Hi To Hire, is one such training program for managers, especially curated these sessions for hiring managers to eliminate unconscious bias while hiring. These sessions also focus on the behavioural techniques of interviewing thus enabling hiring managers to take the right decision. We keep doing these training as refresher from time to time so that all new and old managers go through this, and it becomes a part of their hiring strategy. There are close to 300 managers who were a part of these trainings so far in ingram Micro

  1. HR along with Hiring manager participate in these interviews to ensure that the newly trained managers are putting into actions what they have learnt during the training. There were close to 350 interviews where HR and managers partnered together.
  2. We believe in the Blind resume concept and it’s a mandate to follow the same so that

there are no influences from the name, age, ethnicity, university, gender etc.

  1. Re-emphasizing on behavioral interviewing technique v/s traditional interviewing

technique which helps to ensure candidates are right fit purely based on merit.

  • Campus to Corporate – As a step towards creating a more diverse and inclusive environment during our campus hiring. Our focus is to hire more females thru campus program. So far we have managed to hire 50% of each batch from female aspirants AND we have also targeted women colleges so that we can hire more women from those colleagues and give equal opportunity for their careers. last year we had an exclusive batch of 100% female candidates who were hired and the journey continues…….


  • Diversity not only in offices but also in warehouses | Breaking The Barriers – Warehouse jobs are usually tagged as jobs not “Fit For Women” however we challenged the myth and hired an exclusive batch of 10 women associates at our Ballabgarh warehouse. This decision helped in breaking the barriers that certain jobs women can’t It is not very common to have women workforce at warehouse locations. However,

our organization is deeply committed to promoting gender equality and increasing women’s representation in the workforce, not just in traditional office settings, but also in warehouses. And we made infrastructure changes like women wash rooms with women safety guard at the premises to ensure safety of all our women colleagues.

  • Welcome Back program -This program gives opportunity to everyone who has taken a career break for various By giving them one more chance to restart their career solely based on their will to work

with us and zeal to make a difference. we have hired more than 20 associates across industries / age / genders and universities. E.g. Hired candidates from the Non IT industry, from different education background etc.

  • Continuous collaboration with institutes for specialized and a diverse pool. For eg – Youth for Jobs for PWD and PeriFerry for LGBTQ+ candidates, this helps us to source candidates from diver background focused on disability and Trans
  • Leaders Speak – We organize seminars, events, with our senior leaders at college campuses where they speak about Ingram Micro inclusion programs, and inviting candidates to apply for the various openings with Our Senior leadership team visits colleges highlighting the importance of diversity which helps us to create strong network & brand visibility.

Our CCE – Mr. Navneet Singh Bindra has shared his views on ESG which tells us about our commitment to take ongoing action. Sharing the link of our latest article.

https://www.crn.com/news/running-your-business/dei-esg-are-central-to-ingram-micro-s-culture-our- success-is-all-about-people-

Ingram Micro speaks about Equipping Women to Challenge the Gender Challenges, link below of the article.

https://special.siliconindia.com/vendor/ingram-micro-equipping-women-to-challenge-the-gender- challenges–cid-9697.html

  • Career Circles Live- From Dreams to Reality – This is a forum created for job seekers to tell them more about our culture, ESG initiatives, about DE&I, EVP, our best practices to build relevant talent pipeline by attracting interested jobseekers and engage with our targeted talent base.

With all the above practices we have managed to achieve the below numbers so far and the journey


2019 17%
2020 20%
2021 24%
2022 27%
2023 Uptill now 28%


Diversity Data as below Gender diversity

Diversity across ethnicity. Last year in 2022 we hired 4 PWD candidates and 2 Transgenders. We have 50% engineers, 25% MBA and other are graduates from different streams.

  • Your leading DEI Initiative: (up to 800 words)

Accelerating and Cascading Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Ingram Micro, our people and their diverse talents define us. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) is not only foundational to our culture and workplace, but imperative to our business success as a large global company. While our approach on this topic continues to mature, DE&I touches every aspect of our business and is illustrated by the myriad of initiatives that support our ongoing efforts to engage with the local community, improve the working and hiring experiences for current and future associates, and transform our interactions with partners and suppliers.

We are continuously working to better understand DE&I and its unique intersectionality to develop localized strategies that are tailored for respective locations and reflect the needs of communities and underrepresented/minority groups. We actively envision and take actions towards an equitable world that celebrates and empowers diverse backgrounds and experiences.

We continued the forward momentum from our previous formal launch of our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) by focusing on growing these groups, filling additional DE&I leadership positions, and growing our training offerings while setting specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure progress. Employee Resource Group (ERG) at Ingram Micro (IM) India aims to foster inclusivity in the workplace by creating a space for employees who share a common interest or affinity to support one another. Applicable to all the employees in Ingram Micro.

SHE the Hero (SHERO) – For Ingram Micro every Women is a Hero. With this platform we aim to come forward & together to support women. This group can be a battlefield for them, a group to look upto for inspiration with inspiring stories from one another and take charge of their own life. Could be numerous challenges like managing a small baby, ailing parents etc, as every challenge is different, you realize when you face it. This group can prove to be an ally for all women associates. Lead sponsor for this program is Mrs Minakshi Samant, Executive HR Director. She was recently awarded as the most iconic HR Leader of India by Time Ascent

AUesome – Bringing in Awesomeness

Having autism in a family is not a taboo at Ingram Micro, and we are celebrating this AUesomness through our group called AUesome. This platform is to break societal norms; where a family with an autistic child is seen as Normal as any other child and not as someone special. It is we, who are not able to handle it & see the AUesomeness in the children, it is our incompetency. With this group we are trying to promote Reverse Inclusion, parents on this platform are a support system for each other. We have a Role model Operations Director, Dhritiman Chakraborty who is sponsor and has raised a child, he came forward and shared his story and challenges with all.

Youngistaan – This group is only for campus hires as we welcome them to the corporate journey. Created a platform for young minds coming together. We have reverse mentorship, which is a 2 way learning approach where we have 1 young talent being a tech wizard sharing knowledge and 1 senior leader who will share his life experiences and learnings; with one another.

Moms Magic – Being a mother is the most special moment of any woman’s life however at the same time it could be a hindrance for their career growth. This group is formed for New mothers and supports all the working women to share their stories, tips on parenting, work life balance and manage both the worlds flawlessly. Ingram Micro

supports these Mom’s by giving them flexibility, extended maternity leave, work from home option and any other

support they may require.

Age is Wisdom – A senior citizen club for knowledge sharing. This group will be supporting employees who are on the verge of retirement to create opportunities post-retirement and retire gracefully which will help them engage to a larger group. Utilizing their knowledge and help the generation to work.. Cultivate their hobbies which they were not able to pursue for some reason also ensuring family acceptance. Also invite them as guest speaker to speak on various topics and engage them meaningfully

Mumma’s Return – This group is aimed at providing support, guidance, and a sense of belonging to female employees who are either expecting or have recently become mothers. This ERG plays a crucial role in helping maternity women associates prepare for their return to work after maternity leave. This helps them to prepare for a successful return to work by offering the necessary tools, resources, and a supportive community to ensure a smooth and fulfilling transition. It fosters an environment where these associates can thrive both professionally and personally.

Testimonial Senior Manager – Sneha Ochani (Mom’s Magic Club)

“I want to express my sincere gratitude for the remarkable support I received from Ingram Micro throughout my pregnancy, maternity leave and Return to work.

From the very beginning of my pregnancy, I felt reassured and valued by the company. My manager and colleagues

were incredibly accommodating and understanding of the challenges and changes I was going through, making the entire process remarkably smooth and stress-free.   

During my maternity leave, I felt secure, and my colleagues were ready to cover for me. Ingram Micro’s commitment

to work-life balance, including the option of Hybrid work initially, made my return to work seamless. This peace of mind was invaluable during such an important and transformative period in my life.

I am deeply thankful to my Managers, Team and the HR department for their exceptional support. Ingram Micro has

set a remarkable standard for employee well-being and I am proud to be part of such a supportive workplace.”

Assistant Manager, Finance – Madhuri Borahde (Mom’s Magic Club)

Being a working mother comes with its unique set of challenges. Juggling deadlines, meetings, and family responsibilities can be tough at times. However, I’ve been fortunate to have an Employer & Manager that recognizes the importance of work-life balance and supports its employees in achieving it. Ingram Micro has provided me with flexibility when I needed it the most, whether it’s adjusting my work hours, allowing remote work when necessary, or providing maternity leave. These accommodations have made a world of difference in my ability to be there for my family while maintaining my commitment to my job.

Moreover, the supportive and inclusive culture here has made me feel valued and understood. Colleagues and supervisors have shown empathy and patience when I’ve faced family emergencies or childcare issue. The cooperation and collaboration have been instrumental in helping me manage my responsibilities effectively. I couldn’t have done it without the support, it is possible for me to pursue my career goals while also being the best parent I can be. Ingram Micro is truly & really A Great Place to work ……………………  

At Ingram Micro, our people and their diverse talents define us. Together at Ingram Micro, we celebrate our unique perspectives, diverse talents, and commitment to making Ingram Micro an inclusive work environment for all associates. Creating an exceptional workplace is a collective effort. Each of us play a crucial role in fostering an environment where diverse perspectives are valued and celebrated. We all have a responsibility to make the world a better and more equitable place that celebrates and empowers our diverse backgrounds and experiences. Through a robust, participant-inspired program of listening sessions, training, resources, and more, we look deeper into what makes us all uniquely Ingram Micro.

Our unique perspectives generate innovative ideas; our lived differences help us find new futures; our varied strengths and weaknesses enable our growth. Together, we will continue to make Ingram Micro an even better place to work for everyone.

Your advice for organizations looking forward to working in this area: (key challenges, mistakes to avoid, what worked well for you, etc. brief answer up to 300 words)

We believe in the 5 “A’s”

Aim – Our main aim is to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. Diversity and Inclusion are a key part of our business strategy it has enabled diverse groups of people to join & succeed in our organization.

Awareness – Conducting DEI Workshops & Listening sessions. In addition to this, we have meaningful Career Development & Advancement conversations with our Key Talents focusing on inclusion.

We believe in giving equal opportunities to people not according to their gender, age, career gap, our belief in giving job to the correct talent has motivated and attracted great women talent in our organization through our social media campaigns. Our impactful campaigns on many of our critical business positions helped us attract more 2nd career women & women on career break.

Adoption – Ingram Micro has set clear objectives and adopts best practices which fit your organization’s unique needs and culture.

  1. Assessing the current situation and identifying areas of improvement and the opportunities that can be
  2. Set clear
  3. Having a DE&I 5-member team including an ambassador
  4. Engaging Senior Leadership

Accountability – Being transparent on our progress has helped in keeping the associates accountable and motivated. Acceleration – It is an ongoing journey, and it requires continuous effort & dedication for which we have –

  1. Leadership Commitment – we have set clear DE&I goals and the leaders are accountable for
  2. Inclusive Policies – Regularly review and update HR policies to remove bias and promote
  3. Diverse Recruitment Hiring – Actively seek diverse talent and provide training for hiring managers to reduce
  4. Employee Resource Groups – Establishing & supporting ERGs that represent various affinity groups within the
  5. Regular Training – Helps in mitigating unconscious bias, microaggressions, and cultural
  6. Inclusive Culture – Fostering an inclusive and safe work environment by promoting psychological We celebrate and recognize diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and accomplishments.