D&I Spotlight of the Month | Khaitan & Co

Diversity and inclusion are integral ingredients for the success of any organisation. These values are at the very centre of everything that Khaitan & Co. does. They have been consciously following policies promoting diversity and inclusion and are very proud of their initiatives that have enabled them to tap into the talents of people from diverse backgrounds. The overall objective is to ensure everyone feels accepted, recognised, supported, inspired and empowered. Khaitan & Co.’s D&I initiatives, titled ARISE, are for both lawyers and shared services across locations.

ARISE has helped the firm foster a positive and supportive environment for all regardless of gender, sexual orientation or disability. Throughout the year, the company organises many awareness building activities for members of the firm across levels and also works with external organisations to create opportunities for diverse members. Khaitan & Co. recognises that diverse talents do not want preferential treatment, rather an opportunity to showcase their talent, and they actively work towards it.

Khaitan & Co. recently celebrated the Pride Month and as part of its awareness building campaign, it hosted a fireside chat with Kunoor Chopra (Co-Founder, She Breaks the Law). The fireside chat was focused around Kunoor’s personal journey and how it is important to build an organisational culture where people can bring their whole selves to work. The video of the fireside chat is accessible on YouTube. Kunoor’s story is very powerful and it was a #MatterofPride for Khaitan & Co. to host this fireside chat and encourage professionals across organisations.