Spotlight of the Month | Canara HSBC Life Insurance

All our efforts are directed toward making Canara HSBC Life Insurance as one of the leading companies in the sphere of equal opportunities and women safety. As a testimony to the same we have been recognized as Top 100 India’s Best Workplaces TM for Women 2022 (Large) by Great Place to Work.

There is a general conception that in a sales-driven organization it is difficult to maintain the gender balance but we humbly defy that. We, in a short span of time, have been able to maintain a diversity ratio of 29.4% and are only aiming to make it healthier.

As a practice, we try to anticipate as to what may be required at what point in time. We conduct internal surveys to help us equip with the needs and requirements of our employees so we are able to devise new policies, improvise on the already existing ones and innovate new schemes. We will not shy away from saying that we are quick enough to adapt to the survey findings to help support our staff.

We, in fact, were the first ones to roll out a 6-month maternity leave plan even before the government had announced it. Our adoption and surrogacy leaves were forward looking moves in themselves. An industry-first initiative, Child Care Benefit was introduced in our organization for new mothers. To support expenses of an expanded family including day care, employing a nanny, crèche services and others while the mother is at work, an additional monthly payout is given to our female employees. This not only enables them to continue their career without compromising on the upkeep of the new born but also gives them a comfort of not incurring any extra expenses. We support them with the benefits till the child turns 3.

Our Diversity and Inclusion stands strong on four key strategic pillars:

Gender Initiatives – We nurture an ecosystem that supports and encourages women in Leadership roles. We maintain a healthy ratio of male and female employees in the organization. Constant training and upskilling programmes are available for both genders.

Supplier Diversity – We encourage partnering with diverse suppliers thereby promoting empowerment. The objective is to develop and do business with diverse suppliers and create service and other opportunities for them to enable their empowerment and economic growth

Culture Diversity – We extend a cohesive cultural environment at workplace by celebrating various regional and religious festivals. We organize Culture Diversity Month wherein all celebrate the diversity whether be in food, costumes or traditions.

Inclusion Initiatives – We promote inclusion in Company and constantly identify opportunities of having a diverse workforce. So while we have a campus recruitment programme to induct fresh talent we also have programmes where we encourage ex-servicesmen and retired armed forces personnel to become a part of our diverse workforce.

We target to create a cohesive cultural environment at workplace by celebrating different cultures and cultural events. We believe in development of high performing, talented and engaged colleagues with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Uttkarsh is our endeavor to enable our ground and support staff. Through it we aim to uplift their basic morale and engage with them through employee volunteers. Under our wellness program we do special sessions for them to ensure that they lead a healthy lifestyle.

Diversity Champions

As part of our Diversity & Inclusion agenda, we have been conscious towards improving our Gender Diversity at all levels. This simply translates to hiring, empowering and enabling more women in our family. We recognize Leaders through a yearly award for demonstrating higher Women Diversity ratio in their teams. This year, in spite of the varied challenges, we were able to drive the cause and keep the movement going.

Women Returnee Programme

The Company aims to encourage and hire women returnees (after a career break). Special initiatives are being undertaken to sensitize both – recruiters and the managers/ teams to give preference to them; Business leaders/department heads are engaged for support.

Employee Testimonial for this initiative:

I have worked in multiple organisations but Canara HSBC is an organisation that truly values its employees.

— Kalpana Pankaj

I never imagined myself getting back to studies at this age. Thank you for all those associated with Uttkarsh.

— Ravi, a pantry staff

I am so happy to be a mother. The moment was made special by my organisation by sending me a gift even during COVID times.

— Akansha Mishra, a Care for Mom beneficiary

The innovation in people policies of Canara HSBC is commendable. I feel proud to be working for this company.

— Sandhya Y Pai

Feel truly cared, no better employee care at our level than this.

— Asha P

Excellent employee initiatives, this sums up the spirit and objective of the company. Delighted to be associated with Canara HSBC.

— Sai Priyanka